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The Personality Profile

The Personality Profile is an analysis of a personality of you, a friend, a potential mate etc etc...

Recommended: For individuals interested in love match, friendship compatibility etc.. etc..

The Business Profile

The Business Profile is an analysis of a personality a potential employee. This allows a potential employer to see the real side of a person etc etc...

Recommended: For employers looking to hire the most suited candidate including work ethic, demeanor etc.. etc..

How to Proceed

Submit a sample of your handwriting following these instructions:

Send a single, signed (use your normal, full signature), spontaneous sample of your handwriting in cursive script using a pen on a page of unlined paper. Please write the way you normally would on a daily basis. Please know that what will be analyzed and examined are your patterns, spaces, flows, etc. of your handwriting. What you say or what is written is not a part of the analysis. Furthermore, international foreign scripts can also be analyzed and examined.

Sign each sample with your signature. If you have more than one type of signature (e.g., personal letter, check, legal, maiden, marriage, stage), include all of them. If you have more than one style of writing, please provide a sample of that as well.

The handwriting has to be your own handwriting.

If the subject is under 18 years of age, the signature of the legal guardian needs to be included.


Postal Mail

Handwriting Analysis Reports (Profiles)

  • 1 page report- $25.00
  • 2 page report- $45.00

To receive a summary report by postal mail, please send check payable to Rolando P. Garcia and your handwriting specimen following the below instructions. A complete analysis for special needs or situations can be acquired by contacting

Send in your handwriting to:

Rolando P. Garcia PO Box ### Stanford, CA 94304

Email address:


Emailed Report - $35.00

Include contact details and/or email address if you wish to receive your Handwriting Analysis report by email.


In-person consultation (San Francisco Bay Area only) – Available Upon Request


Telephone consultation – Available Upon Request

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