Photo of writing

What is Graphology?

Graphology, handwriting analysis, is a study of handwriting used to interpret human character and personality. By analyzing a person’s writing, insight into the writer’s physical, mental, and emotional state could be determined. Handwriting reveals the essentials of personality and character including hidden talents and potential areas of growth. In essence graphology is a valuable tool used to help understand the inner being (persona).


By looking at a sample of handwriting, personality traits could be determined immediately. Through handwriting analysis one can gain a better understanding of how an individual organizes thought patterns, thinking styles, and logic/reasoning skills. Handwriting also reveals the fears, social skills, and aspirations of individuals.

People have benefited from graphology in some of the following areas in their lives:

  • Personal Analysis
  • International Communication/Correspondence
  • Selecting Life-Partner
  • Historical documents/letters of correspondence
  • Personnel Selection / Recruitments
  • Vocational Consultation

While a great deal about a person is revealed by their handwriting, it is not possible to predict the future as graphology is not "fortune telling."